We preserve the seasons, one lovely small batch at a time. Using our own farm fresh produce grown here at Weka Weka in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  Stroll through our Recipe Blog for fresh ideas & seasonal jottings. If you are looking for a favourite recipe, just type the name in the search field below.

Call us anytime to request a jar or more or if you wish to use Weka Weka as the stunning location for your next special event. Phone Susie on 0439 074 734 to enquire about all things My Farm Kitchen from Weka Weka Farm. Thank you for visiting.

Hello it's Susie; the jam girl, local baker, farmer & budding horticulturist. Some of you know me from local Farmers Markets. Others perhaps from the bakers oven at Le Petite PantryPalm Beach. For those of you I haven't yet met, here goes ...

I operate a small handmade Preserves business from our registered farm kitchen here at Weka. We use our own organically grown fruit exclusively. I started chopping & bottling jams, jellies, marmalades & relishes in 2004 & haven't stopped since. Selling my beloved Pantry cafe in September 2010, I’ve been re-training my body to sleep instead of bake at 4am.

Most recently I've been studying horticulture, learning how to give our orchard all the love & attention it deserves. I've also been busy with my husband & young family restoring a 100 year old Apple Shed in Tassie's beautiful Huon Valley.

My life before hobby farming, cooking & over-eating was filled with travel & writing. My two big obsessions that make me, well... me. I worked at Qantas & Swiss Airlines for many years and lived in Italy for several more. I shacked up in foodie heaven, otherwise known as La Cucina Italiana, based in Siena, Rome & Sardinia. I took a massive bite of ‘la dolce vita’ everyday. I almost lost my way home but never forgot where I came from.

The air was never sweeter or clearer when I finally returned. I've so many recipes, jam jars and jottings to share with you. I adore cakes that don't require fuss or fancy icing. Ingredients & flowers picked at the back door. A basket full of cumquats turned into shiny rows of marmalade & an overripe hand of bananas into loaves of Coconut Banana bread

At this time of year I’m often found in the orchard, robbing the best fruits for my jam pot & your enjoyment.

Warm regards  Susie x


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