Shedmania update

Hi MFK friends.  Some of you are asking for a shed update, particularly pics of how 'Shedmania' is coming along...

We're thrilled to report the carpentry work is progressing well. And our little family has well & truly caught 'the mania' in Tasmania. 

Thank you beautiful helpers. This old packing shed beauty is an ongoing labour of love - by many.

The trusses on the gable have been stiffened, skillion roof replaced & rotten weatherboards too. Connected the power, patched holes, re-screwed tin & replaced guttering. The water tank is filling up quickly & the big old lean-to has been reinforced. Should last another 80 years, we hope.

Our 2 young city girls have finally embraced the convenience of a composting toilet, learnt to conserve water & appreciate the stripped back nature of country life.  And it's wild life, possums, finches & spiders included.

Ziggy the Highland Cow (pictured last time) isn't quite as friendly as first thought but his good looks & blond Beiber fringe make up for all that. There are other four legged friends in the hills we've come to love too - especially the sociable Suffolk sheep with their adorable black open faces & feet.

Our long fertile grass is finally cut & baled. Thanks to another kind neighbour. Couldn't have imagined 2 kids so excited at grass rectangles. Ours aren't those pretty round ones we often see about the place. But it's still a thrill for the senses, watching this heightened summer tractor activity all over the Valley. Over 500 bales seems like a good contribution to feeding the local animals. 

Speaking of feeding, Tassie's fine food explosion continues to astound us at every bend. This time the Apple Isle's pink eye potatoes, plums, cherries & berries were in abundance. Best 2nd's I've ever tasted.

My kinda community. Can't wait to share some of their recipes with you.

A fine little example of what can be achieved on the tools.   Old Post Office resto in Ranelagh.

A fine little example of what can be achieved on the tools.   Old Post Office resto in Ranelagh.