border crossing

Hi. Some lovely MFK friends are asking my whereabouts...

Well, I'm not preserving or baking anything commercially at the moment, sorry, but I know it's still handy for you to be able to reference my recipe postings here in the one spot. The Recipe Search button isn't going anywhere & here for you whenever you get the urge to bake something for your Valentine or precious family. 

My family & I have crossed the border, now living in Northern NSW, however still enjoying our regular trips, fruit picking & farm therapy at our beloved Weka Weka. We are on the border of the Tweed Valley, where the rain gauge fills more regularly & there's always something to pick in the backyard or bumper roadside stall. 

I'm studying horticulture this year & really growing my edible garden passion (& botanical Latin!) in the classroom. There's so much more I want to learn. It's a wonderful course & definitely not too late to start if anyone is interested in joining us green thumbs at Kingscliff  - I'll give you all the details.

We have plenty of established citrus in our new backyard & a boot full of just picked Meyer lemons from Weka, so I'm guessing those jars of mine won't stay empty for long. I feel a big batch of Lemon Butter coming on. Hope you are all staying safe, healthy & happy, warmest regards Susie

The Swiss cow pic today is in Andrew's honour. We lost our beautiful brother this week, whom many of you know. He (we) really appreciated all your support of our fundraising efforts for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation & we'll continue on fundraising for all those touched by this disease x