dark and delicious

I've titled this Post dark and delicious. And for once I'm not talking about or eating chocolate. Although it is the time of year when in the lead up to April I'm always thinking about what new or varied chocolate treats I can create for the Easter celebration.  

Melbourne has got to be right up there on my favourite foodie town list. Some crazy food revolution is happening down there that I can only dream about in SEQ. And wish to be closer to. It's wonderful to be able to visit this bustling city that lives & breathes to feed us well. And loves putting its local produce on the table for everyone to enjoy.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend Melbourne's Food & Wine Festival - grab it with both knife & fork. On arrival the flowers are often as well presented as the plates of Australia's top chefs.  The horticulturalist in me just loves that.

Each time one visits Melbourne you can't help but wonder how so many food business live, compete and thrive together in such a small geographic area. Wonderful city lanes, pumping with life, flavour & fab coffee. 

To attend one day of the weekend masterclasses at the festival is heaven. If you can get away & indulge in a whole weekend of gob smacking foodie indulgence you'll never forget it.