my little jam van - part one

Meet Ernie - vintage Morris Minor Bakers trailer, cardboard number plate ERN751.

Like many of us, she came from the motherland. London, England in the 1950’s. Shortly after making the long trip to Australia, she had her van nose chopped off and was made into a delightful Morris Bakers Trailer. Maybe she delivered bread to your mum or your Gran’s doorstep. Who knows?  Just like the milkman, those were the days when the local baker happily delivered fresh bread door to door. Money sitting waiting under the front doormat. 

Little treasures come along in life that are worth rescuing, don't you think...  Animals always, a special piece of furniture, kitchenalia, work of art, old dinner set.  What's your weakness? Die hard op shoppers & garage sale fanatics unite. I know you’ve done this many times. Taken things home to treasure, restore, display, wishing 'it' could speak. The stories it would tell.

This little Morris van trailer in backyard Brisbane spoke to me in January. Saying “Susie, take me home, rescue me from these overgrown weeds and restore me. I might be well over 60yrs old but I still have a purpose in life. I’m a proud vintage Morrie and I’m not ready for the scrap heap yet!.”   

Whether rust or wrinkles, it feels good to look deeper. To reflect back on a time when cars weren't often stolen, or computers, or personal identities. Before privacy statements and trans fats. To a time when butter was always considered better.  When food allergies hardly existed. When my local butcher would hand Mum a stick of cabana for us kids to chew on while she placed her weekly meat order.  

Back in 2014... and there's only so much talk of bodywork & bog, sandblasting & subframes, winches, rust & dollywheels a girl like me can take.

But rescuing an old treasure opens new doors, contacts & interests previously unthought of. Special thanks go to my brother Chris. This Morris rescue mission wouldn’t have gone down without you. I don't know anyone else who can (or would even be willing to try) to back an old ute with a wide car trailer attached on dewy, wet grass at 6am. Then once loaded to squeeze this arrangement through a narrow brick backyard fence without waking the neighbours or dismantling the brickwork. omg! thank heavens for brothers.

Ernie, for want of a better name, has been sandblasted now. Back to bare metal. No rusty holes barred. This old van would just love to deliver my handcut marmalades, grandma's salad dressing, sweet tomato relish, red wine chilli jelly and fresh pastry bites. Stay tuned for Part 2 of resto project. 

In the meantime, if you see an old treasure worth rescuing, I reckon grab on to it with both hands. We'd love to hear about it. 

If you’d like to suggest a name or colour (please keep it kind & exclude the terms rust or bucket :-) just leave a comment at the top of this post or head on over to the MFK facebook page.  I'm partial to lemon or retro orange. What do you think?  Thanks for reading and more recipes soon.