late afternoon free-ranging

Hi. The rain this week has been sooooooo long coming, much like my blog writing. It's an understatement to say how very welcome it is around here, filling 4 tanks, our dam, water ponds & pool.  All sorts of new growth & birdlife already appearing.

Thought I'd share this duck surprise with you. Weka Weka is best known for images of our Indian Runner ducks, trotting along the pond edge. It's been the most popular handmade card I've sold this year.

So I was excited to find some new wild duck mates, happily playing in amongst the chooks just now. Free-ranging together in the grass after this afternoon's good drop.

I've just learned they're called Plumed Whistling Ducks. Very handsome - all covered in chocolate brown, nougat & chestnut. Their high-pitched whistling call will be a new addition to the soundscape here at Weka. One of two whistling or tree ducks found in Australia. It has such a tall long neck & pretty plumes. Funny mottled grey & pink bill. What a contrast to the Indian Runners.

Still nothing ripe on the orchard trees. But even without all that Preserving, farm life remains busy & lots of fun. I just hope this rain is reaching the farmers who need it most. Warm regards Susie x