julia taylor’s arpeggio walnut cake

The highlight in my jam packed, packing jam week was devouring a slice of cake baked by Julia Taylor - one of Australia’s most talented young dessert chefs of Masterchef Series 4 fame.  You no doubt recall Julia’s skill, focus and passion for creating all things delightfully sweet on Masterchef this year. 

I happily discovered Julia is even more fab in person than her on-screen desserts. And for MFK friends who are lovers of Nespresso coffee, I can highly recommend Julia’s Arpeggio and Walnut Cake, sponged together with coffee butter cream and topped with choc coffee ganache.  Just click here for the recipe. When cut into dainty 5cm rounds as pictured below, these moist morsels are small enough to be almost guilt free.  Not that we ever need an excuse to go back for seconds when a dessert tastes this good.

Julia has recently launched her website Julia’s and it includes a burgeoning recipe blog for all us sweet fanatics to explore.  Julia - we look forward to recreating your favourite recipes and staying in touch via your blog.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Arpeggio, it is currently Australia’s favourite of Nespresso’s 16 Grand Cru coffee range. An intensely roasted coffee with thick smooth crema and aromatic notes of cocoa, Arpeggio (otherwise known as the purple one) is ideal for cappuccinos, lattes and delicious recipes, beverages and desserts alike. 

On a separate note, I hope our Jam Club members enjoyed their deliveries this week, including the addition of berry jam. If you would like the recipe for my Strawberry Conserve with a hint of Grand Marnier & just picked oranges, just drop me a line and I’ll post it up while the strawberries are still plentiful. Have a terrific Spring Weekend MFK friends x