tangelos - curd, cordial & country shows

Have you seen the Tangelos at your green grocer or supermarket this week?!  They’re in full swing and it’s a super bumper crop.  Tangelos seem to go year about, one year terrific, the next year arrhh not so great. Tangelo is sweet and sour citrus at its best - the sweetness of a tangerine crossed with the tartness of a pomelo grapefruit.  That gorgeous shade of tangelo orange and easy to peel skin isn’t half bad either. Look for the nipple to distinguish tangelos from other orange citrus. 

Our largest Tangelo tree at Weka Weka must have several hundred fruit on it, ripe for the picking. Just gorgeous. Luckily the fruit holds well on the tree for about 2 months. Who else has one in their backyard?  

I’m in the process of making Tangelo Marmalade, Tangelo Bakewell Tarts & Tangelo Cordial.  A most welcome glut. Here’s the cordial recipe for you. It’s a quick, fun holiday ‘cooking’ activity for the kids and the satisfaction of making their own cordial is sweet. Not to mention the ability to monitor how much real fruit juice and sugar goes into it.

Perhaps try a batch of citrus curd using freshly picked tangelos too. It’s to die for. 

homemade tangelo cordial

Ingredients  4 medium sized lemons ❤ 4 medium sized tangelos ❤  500 grams white sugar ❤ 1 tablespoon citric acid ❤  4 cups boiling water 

Method - Finely grate the lemon and tangelo rind. Squeeze the juice from both fruits. Place the sugar, citric acid, citrus rind and boiling water in a large bowl.  Stir until the sugar dissolves well. Add the lemon and tangelo juice and stir in. Leave to stand until cool. Overnight is best.  Strain through a sieve and pour into sterilised bottles or a clean, plastic container and seal.  To serve, pour 2 tablespoons of this syrup in a tall glass, then top with water, lemonade or soda water and crushed ice for a totally refreshing drink.

We were out visiting the 84th Annual Mudgeeraba Agricultural Show on the weekend. Do you enjoy browsing the beautiful baking and craft displays at your local country show? We happily ‘wasted’ a good hour with the girls in toe, comparing red & blue ribbon scones and smocking, cakes and collage, preserves and pikelets. I was chuffed to see my Sweet Tomato Relish take out 1st Prize!  My Lemon Curd came in 2nd. CWAA members and judges are such terrific cooks and tough competition.


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