mulled wine in snowy river country

Hi MFK friends, I'm back. Noone broke a leg on the slopes (phew!) and we've fallen head over heels in love with Australia's alpine region aka Snowy River Country.  What is it about old stone cottages, freshly chopped wood piles and snow capped mountains that dare us to dream? 










Home to the only Schnapps distillery in Australia, Wild Brumby in the Thredbo Valley is well worth a visit.

Snowy River gum trees provide the perfect backdrop for the local bakery.


Our Adominable Snowman after she's eaten too many toasted marshmallows. Even the lattes are covered in snowflakes at Australia's highest cafe 1938M above sea level.

The sun setting on the last few runs, you know that feeling right. 

There aren’t many landscapes on this continent more beautiful and more Australian than Snowy River country.  Overseas readers no doubt hear about our bikini-clad beaches and picturesque hinterland.  Yet our Alpine region of 'Man from Snowy River' fame, in NSW's Kosciuszko National Park has so much to offer. All the makings, charms and dramatic vistas of an unforgettable poem, movie and terrific getaway.

This Winter travel tale calls for Lyndel Miller’s mulled wine. Please don’t feel you need to wait till XMAS time. Pour yourself a glass any cold winter's night.

Mulled Wine 

Recipe courtesy of Lyndel Miller, posted with her permission. Ta Lyndel. From the ‘hostess with the mostess’ section ofwild sugar desserts’ cookbook.

Serves 12

Here is a mulled wine stunner. Great for parties all year round, but is especially delightful at Christmas no matter where you live. It is Christmas in a bottle. Keep it on the stove on a low heat just enough to keep the brew warm and serve to guests as they arrive.  The aromas will fill the air and create a beautiful warm welcome.  You and your guests will soon be feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


2 oranges ❤ 1 lemon ❤ 1 cup (225grams/8oz) caster sugar ❤ 5 cloves ❤1 whole nutmeg ❤ 1 vanilla pod, halved ❤ 1 cinnamon stick ❤ 3 fresh bay leaves ❤ 150ml (5fl oz) ginger wine ❤ 2 bottles of Chianti or other red wine ❤ 2 star anise


With a vegetable peeler remove the peel off the oranges and lemons. and then juice the fruit.  Place peel and fruit into a large heavy based saucepan. Add the sugar, cloves, nutmeg (about 10 grates into the mix), vanilla pod, cinnamon stick, bay leaves and ginger wine.

Place on a low heat until the sugar dissolves . Then bring this mix to a rapid boil for 5 minutes or until a thick syrup develops.

Now, turn the heat to low and add your wine and star anise. Stir to blend.  Simmer on a low heat for 3 minutes (the more you simmer the more alcohol you remove from the brew). 

Serve warm immediately, or bottle into sterilised jars for later and refrigerate.