the meaning of disappointment

In the Oxford Dictionary under the word disappointment you'll find the meaning 'fails to meet the hope of'. I'd like to offically add a new definition to disappointment - 'arriving in Bowral on a cold Sunday morning (all the way from the Gold Coast) to find Flour Water Salt Bakery CLOSED! Arghhhhh, 9 months without a morsel from Flour Water Salt and they're CLOSED!! Everyone deserves a day off, I know... but oooooh the disappointment. Here's my version of their more-ish Speculaas recipe - in case you missed it the first time. You'll also see Flour Water Salt featured in this month's Donna Hay Magazine. Such a special little bakery. I'm trying to think of the calories I've saved myself. Just have to make time for a quick stop on Thursday's return journey. 

If you're in the NSW Southern Highlands area, FWS Bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday. Closed Sun & Mon :-(