we're preparing the Winter Jam Club shipments

Hi, we're preparing our next Jam Club shipments. Sign up now to receive the very best flavours of Winter! Imagine the excitement when you (or a friend/family member) receive the first shipment of three jars of superior handmade marmalade, jam and citrus butter.  

Winter Flavours you will receive; 3 Fruits Marmalade (Navel Orange/Meyer Lemon & Pink Grapefruit), Red Pepper & Orange Jam and Meyer Lemon Butter (all 300ml large jars)  If you have any special requests for other MFK product favourites, just let us know. 

Members receive three jars of superb conserves, made in small batches from just-picked farm fresh Australian fruit. Plus, you're paying only $10 a jar!

Sign up now for: 6 months of jam or 12 months of jam 

Last month's Jam Club members received one jar each of: Ruby Red Grapefruit Marmalade, Lime Curd and Hinterland Honey