A new Pie + Matt Golinski + bits

First up, so sorry for being quiet this week. It's actually been anything but quiet at the farm and around home. I’ve been itching for days to sit and write, bake and share a new recipe with you.  Can you feel an excuse coming on?

In all honesty, I had my heart set on attaching a little video and showing you our beautiful orchard in full moving colour.  Alas, I'm still learning the ropes of Podcast, mastering iMovie and finishing "Videoblogging for Dummies". Hopefully it won't be too much longer and I'll give you that tour. Perhaps even a few fun cooking demos from My Farm Kitchen, or from the paddock or veggie patch.

As you can see in still form, I’ve been busy ‘dealing’ with the fruits of autumn. I’d NEVER use the word ‘glut’, for risk of any connotation to this lot being unwelcome. Baskets overflowing with home grown crops - what an absolute blessing. Though I'm sure the green thumbs will agree, sometimes the sheer volume of each crop can be abit overwhelming. Especially for home cooks like us - eager to conserve and preserve all that loveliness asap. The stash of ruby's above is from just one young tree that's only about a metre high.  I'm not sure how it held on to all that weight. Same way I'm holding on to mine I guess!

There’s piles of chillies, the loveliest lemons from Mum’s favourite tree, the first exceptional oranges of the season and enough fresh basil to make pesto till the cows come home.  Or chooks in our case. I’ve also been busy keeping up with citus curd sales, testing new preserve ideas and combinations for the Winter Jam Club deliveries starting next month.

I’ve been meaning to say thanks for all the enthusiastic feedback on Lucia’s Chicken & Leek Pie.  I think some pies have got a little too fancy over the past few years and it’s great to see such a good, simple old fashioned pie still a big winner. My Pie is in the Super Food Ideas Best Pie Competition, closing 15 May - there’s still time to vote or comment if you feel so inclined and kind.  Thanks heaps. Just click on the Super Foods link.  Their Taste recipe website is fantastic.

Wasn’t it brilliant to read in Monday’s Courier Mail that Matt Golinski is finally out of hospital and commencing the next stage of his recovery from his parent’s home.  Well done Matt!  Your courage is so inspiring. Plates For Mates continues to run. As do our $10 donations for new MFK Jam Club Memberships.

There’s another classic pie I love to bake - Bacon & Egg with leek and fresh herbs. It’s a scrumptious alternative to the usual boiled, fried, scrambled or poached egg at breakfast time. I promise I’ll share the recipe and pics with you tomorrow, in the hope you’ll love it as much as Lucia's Chicken Pie. Until then - take care & happy baking.