And the winners are...

My daughter Lucia (7) decided she would write all the names on leaves and toss them in our fruit picking basket.  Fruit from Saturday's pickings were still in there but she gave it a good old toss and picked out...Cath, Judy and Louise. 










Girls, kindly send your postal address asap for delivery of your MFK Preserves Pack Prize via our Contact Us page.

Why a Comment Contest? The aim was (and still is of course) to encourage as many readers as possible to join our MFK community, to follow and cook along with us.

Here’s just one of our reader comments I received this week via regards to my Spaghettini alla Bottarga  Sardinia posting - 

“Susie, just love your web site, it is so you. My big brother was a pilot in the Australian Navy during the Second World War. He was shot down over Italy.  The family was notified that he was missing in action and presumed dead.  Fortunately, he was a top swimmer and swam ashore to the safety of the coast of Sardinia.” 

What an incredible story. Thank goodness for Sardinia! 

 Your personal stories, feedback and baking experiences are precious. Our combined contributions make this MFK blog community vibrant and meaningful. I'm sure you agree baking with love and passing stories on to family and friends opens many hearts and doors.  As always, thanks for reading. S