coconut banana bread

This is one of my most well loved and requested recipes amongst family and friends. It's simply scrumptious. Banana Bread got so darn boring and bland a few years back. Don't you agree?

Coconut Bread was heading down the same tasteless, often dry path in many cafes and bakeries. Mass produced sweet bread overload! Argh!! And then at last this darling loaf came on the scene and we fell in love with simple, freshly baked sweet breads again.  My friends and family might tell you they still aren’t over it yet. A great result - considering I’ve been making it pretty much non-stop since 2009.  Perhaps they’re all just too polite to say 'you can stop now Susie'!  

Coconut Banana Bread with Passion


2 Eggs large free range 400ml can good quality Coconut Milk ❤  2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract ❤  2 cups (300 grams) Self Raising Flour (triple sifted) 1½ cups (135 grams) Shredded Coconut ❤ 1½ cups (330 grams)  Caster Sugar ❤ 4 small bananas sliced thinly ❤ seeds & pulp of 1 large passionfruit (optional)

Method + Tips

Preheat oven to slow 150°C (300°F). Grease and line your largest loaf pan (e.g 10cm x 30cm) or muffin pans with baking paper.

Halve the ripe bananas down the centre and chop finely to achieve nice even slices.

This big banana pile was for a batch x 4 times - to make four large loaves.  You can easily double or triple this recipe.  If making 4 loaves at a time for a fete or party, use two separate large bowls and do 2 lots of double mixture.  The mixture becomes difficult to combine easily if any more than that. As with all loaves you don’t want to over mix it or it will toughen up.

Very quick and simple. Whisk eggs, vanilla and coconut milk until well combined in a stainless steel bowl. Toss to combine sifted flour, sugar and shredded coconut in a large mixing bowl with clean hands. Add whisked egg mixture to dry ingredients and fold through till just combined.  Add chopped banana (and passionfruit pulp optional) combining all together with a large wooden spoon.  Bake large loaf for 1 hour 30 mins in slow oven or until cooked in centre when skewer pulls out clean.  

This loaf freezes really well.  Also keeps for up to 4days in a sealed container or in the fridge.  My family loves it thick toasted for breakfast and smeared with greek style yoghurt - a dash of cinnamon added.

This recipe makes 1 large cafe size loaf or a dozen Texas jumbos muffins. If you have a regular muffin size tin you’ll get approximately 16 muffins or 10-12 muffins plus a small loaf. Cook the regular muffins for 30 minutes, small loaf for 55-60 minutes. 


Despite getting most of my blogging and baking done through the week, this recipe is one that I often bake on Saturday mornings and really wanted to post up over a weekend.  It’s a fantastic loaf that is perfect to share with family or friends dropping in for a cuppa.

The original recipe version came from my favourite magazine 'Delicious' several years ago. Delicious Magazine run Best Cafe and Best Produce Awards each year, as voted by Delicious Aussie readers.  APTE, acronym for A Place to Eat and A Perfectly Textured Espresso (clever!) is located in suburban Alphington, Melbourne VIC. They won best cafe two years running. This CBB recipe was featured with their story. And I could tell it would reach new heights in the banana bread stakes, even before putting it in the oven. 

For friends and followers in the UK and USA, we’d love to know what you’re baking there for friends and family this weekend.  It's still warm and humid here, the North Queensland bananas are back to .99cents a kilo again (poor growers) and gorgeous big passionfruit $2 a bag.  Lots of end of Summer fun still to be had in the kitchen, on the farm and at the beach. When it stops raining! 

 Summer Sunday Craft Markets, Queens Park Toowoomba QLD - handmade with love heaven.