giant freshwater crayfish

Seasonal Jotting

No one can dispute we are blessed in Queensland with superb local seafood. Queenslanders cook and plate up seafood very well at home. We are also spoilt with an abundant number of exceptional seafood restaurants across the State. Moreton Bay Bugs, Sand Crabs, King Prawns, fantastic local whiting, Pearl Perch, Barramundi ... just to name a ½ dozen. 

My Dad is and always has been the biggest seafood fanatic I know. It’s no wonder his oldest friend is Michael Gambaro - a name synonymous with Queensland seafood since 1953.  

I’ve lots of lovely seafood recipes I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll throw in a couple of classic Roman & Sardinian ones too from my nostalgic Italian longings. 

Until then, the reason for this posting was simply to share a couple of happy snaps my Mum took on a recent trip to Tasmania.  Perhaps a generous food blogger down there might like to share their ‘secret’ cray recipe with us.  

We are so proud of our Aussie produce - from our farms and the sea. Do you ever worry that species like this magnificent cray, the largest of its type in the world, might be lost forever one day? 

State boundaries and current ‘My Kitchen Rules’  rivalry aside, I’ll let the pics do the talking. 

Perhaps there are two Queenslanders tonight, wishing they hadn’t done so much talking this week?! Good luck tonight Peter & Gary on MKR.