that first sniff of the xmas season


How's your XMAS baking coming along?  Dec 1 & I'm thrilled to say that I've only managed the Xmas Pudding,ShortbreadShrewsbury Biscuits and a few dozen Rumballs so far. Hopefully I'll make some Melting Moments today too...the butter is just coming to room temp.  It's a small yet important collection of traditional favourites in my family. I hope you'll try some too. Just click above and bake whichever recipe most takes your fancy. 

Now if I can't tempt you away from your own tried and true Xmas recipes, then I completely understand.  I never mess with tradition in the kitchen during December and the first sniff of rumballs does me in every season.  

My long hot days of producing 100's of XMAS hampers overflowing with handmade baked goodies are well and truly gone. I'm still a little sad that those well deserving recipients won't get one on their doorstep. However I must share with you the joy and luxury that is 'baking whatever you like, for whomever you like' - rather than 'to order'.  It's such a pleasure I appreciate and celebrate now and every day, especially at this busy time of year.  

To those of you working with quality food and bev this XMAS, whether it be in cafes, restaurants, providores, retail, wholesalers or caterers, I send you an extra big Xmas hug. To those retailers shrink wrapping stale boxes of unwanted stock into cheap baskets with standard bow on top, please stop now! Noone wants to buy them and they haven't wanted to for many, many years. 

I'd love to hear from you when your oven is off, kids asleep and you've got a quiet moment over the holidays. Let me know your favourite xmas recipe or which MFK recipe of 2012 was best received at your place.  Sorry again that the site has been down... I promise I won't ever change web hosting providers again! xx