marshmallow jam tarts


❤ Marshmallow Jam Tarts



200 grams of pink raspberry marshmallows

60 grams butter

2 tablespoons milk

120 grams white chocolate at room temperature, broken up

small quantity of Strawberry jam, Raspberry or any fresh jam of your choice

1 cup of shredded coconut to decorate

Pastry shells or case to fill

Method + Top Tips

Place marshmallows, butter & milk in a medium sized saucepan, a heavy one with non stick base is easiest for this job. Melt over slow heat while stirring constantly to ensure marshmallows don't stick to the bottom of pan.

Remove from heat as soon as mixture is smooth & add white chocolate chunks immediately. Stir to blend the chocolate into the mix, ready to fill pastry. So quick & easy.


The idea of a freshly made iced vovo, in tart form, rather than the iconic Arnott's biscuit variety was very tempting to me.  Trademarked by Arnotts since 1906, I better call this one 'pink bites' or 'marshmallow jam tarts'. The classic jam strip fondant creation reaches a whole new level using melted raspberry marshmallows & good quality white chocolate.

My inspiration and adaptation was from a Donna Hay recipe a few years back. They featured a version baked in a long tart with a frangipane bottom layer. It was soooo sweet in my humble opinion for its size. Yes, I know I could have cut much smaller slices but that takes self-control, doesn't it! I think these little bite sized beauties are just perfect.

If buying a mixed packet of marshmallow, you can use up the vanilla ones too. I sometimes make the white ones, but all things pink are high on the agenda in our girlie dominated household. We like to make the white vanilla ones at Christmas time, topped with a red glace cherry or a few little festive red/green M&M's they sell by the bucket load during December.

While feeling all tarty we should talk other delicious pastry case fillings too.  Lemon Curd (see yesterday's posting) is really delicious in any size tart shell. A batch of mini crisp meringues to atop the lemon ones is terrific.  Caramel tarts with roasted macadamia nuts atop also another favourite in our family. I'll post that one too.

I used to supply our beachfront local, The Deck Cafe with all three varieties by the boot load. Now they make their own on the premise, these and lots of other freshly baked goodies. Let's make the caramel ones tomorrow, just for fun - and to have with our morning latte.