lovely lemon curd

lemon curd

Ingredients - 2 cups white sugar ❤ 110 grams butter ❤ 4 well beaten eggs ❤ the finely grated rind and juice of 2 lemons

Adapted from Miss Schauer's Lemon Butter (The Schauer Australian Cookery Book)

Method + Tips - Fill large saucepan with boiling water approximately half full to use as base for double boiler.

Place sugar, butter, beaten eggs & lemon juice/rind into a small saucepan that will fit inside a larger one. Place inside larger saucepan without touching the bottom to create a double boiler. Cooking in this way allows the butter to cook slowly, on low heat and will not curdle mixture.  

Stir in one direction gently during the entire cooking process. I stop only towards the end once the lemon butter has started to thicken to allow a nice set & until it's thick enough to coat the back of a spoon and is quite transparent.  Bottle and cover down with lid immediately, sealing whilst hot. Never seal when warm as it will become mouldy.  Refrigerate after opening to keep well for at least several weeks.

Same method can be used for any citrus fruit really. Blood Orange Curd is fab. Passionfruit & Tangelo Curd is also delicious. Don't bother modifying the recipe, just add the passionfruit pulp to this recipe at the beginning of stirring.


The phenomenon. It's quite remarkable really. I'm the Lemon Butter Lady. Have been for quite some time now.  Perhaps I was just the only one crazy enough to stand & stir over a double boiler for the past seven years - Summer thru Spring and loving it. I took the baton from my Mum, who used to stir and bottle it for me for the Currumbin Farmers Markets.

We especially love it when the lemons are just picked from the farm. Promise me you'll use your own or local lemons. Don't buy imports. Every backyard or balcony tub should have its own lemon tree. Whether of the Meyer or Lisbon variety, it doesn't matter. Have you seen the colour of Lemon Curd sold in the supermarkets? Check it out - it's grey. How'd they manage that?!

I'm glad this lemon curd is so well loved. It's such a simple recipe - a real winner. Whether you call it Lemon Butter or Lemon Curd is irrelevant. Just call it delicious. Fill pastry cases with it & atop a meringue. Spread it on warm scones, toast, muffins and pikelets.  Use as a sponge filling too.

I've had many a loyal customer over the years tell me they eat it directly from the jar out of the fridge. Whichever use you find for it, long live citrus curd.