murray rumballs


❤ Andrew M's Favourite Rumballs 

Ingredients 1 packet of Arnott's Milk Arrowroot biscuits (crushed fine in blender - don't substitute for cheaper brands), 1/2 cup of desiccated coconut + extra for rolling, 1/2 cup of icing sugar, 1/2 cup of mixed fruit chopped up (or if you prefer, just australian sultanas), 1 Tin of Nestle Condensed Milk (full fat not skim and cold from the fridge makes for easier rolling in hot climates), 2 tablespoons of white Bacardi Rum

Optional:  2 tablespoons of Cocoa or finely grated premium dark chocolate (if you like some choc in your balls) 

Method + Tips

Easy peasy. Crush your biscuits. Sift your icing sugar. Mix all above ingredients in large bowl until well combined, roll into balls (as big or small as you like) and cover in coconut to coat. They keep very well in refrigerator or freezer.  Make sure your hands are super clean and a little moist with water for quick easy rolling. Don't coat em with coconut till the end. Place them in a long flat, coconut lined tupperware as you go. Gets abit messy otherwise. I like to do a triple batch as 8-9 dozen don't go far with family and friends around at this time of year. 


Our girls opened the first pocket on the Advent Calendar today... at 4.45am.  Dear Premier Anna, why don't we have daylight saving in Queensland?!  Every Dec 1st (or thereabouts) I say this, and every Dec 1st the sun continues to rise at 4.30am. I really must get those block out curtains made. 

After sneeking the much anticipated 'specials' from the Dec 1 advent pocket, the little munchkins proceeded to raid the freezer for freshly rolled Rumballs. A great breakfast choice don't you think. And thanks for leaving your calling card kids, desiccated coconut all over the bench, floor and well - just about everywhere.

This simple, classic recipe is my Mums.  But it was my brother Andrew who provided the motivation to get me rolling this year. I used to make over 300 dozen each Christmas when I had my little Pantry cafe. Therefore it takes a call to action these days to get me started. This year, just a fortnight ago actually, my brother found out a brain tumour had returned (for the 2nd time in 7 years!).  As these sweet little balls are his absolute favourite, I made a start. In my panicked state I used mixed fruit instead of plain sultanas, forgot to add cocoa & used abit of orange rind. Well, op, didn't he give me an earful. I've never, ever, in all my life been happier to receive criticism of my baking. His sense of humour & all else was perfectly in tact. Well done brave boy! I'll make you another batch anytime - but without the craniotomy next time please.