xmas plum pud

Wendy's Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding

Ingredients - 250grams unsalted butter ❤ 250grams dark brown sugar small grated carrot ❤ rind of one orange/juice of one lemon ❤ 5 eggs ❤ 250grams each of raisins, sultanas, currants & chopped dates ❤ 2 packets of red glace cherries ❤ one small packet of flaked almonds ❤ small amount of chopped glace ginger (as little or much as you like) ❤ 100grams fresh breadcrumbs ❤ 2 cups plain flour ❤ 1 tablespoon mixed spice ❤ 2 teaspoons nutmeg ❤ 2 teaspoons cinnamon ❤ 2 teaspoons parisience essence ❤ 1 flat teaspoon bi carb soda (dissolved in 1 tablespoon of hot water) ❤ 2 tablespoons of rum or brandy (I use white Bacardi Rum)

Method + Tips - Prepare fruit by chopping dates in quarters & raisins in half. Add all fruits, almonds & ginger together. Pour 2 tablespoons of rum or brandy over fruit, cover & let soak for at least 24 hours. I normally pop fruits into the fridge at this stage until I'm ready to mix and boil pudding.

Next day or days later when you are ready to complete the pud, you will need a large mixing bowl. 

But first, cream butter & sugar in a regular size mixing bowl with hand held beater or hands free mixer. Add eggs one at a time, mixing till combined. You might like to add a little flour after each addition of egg to stop mixture from curdling. It will come together later though.  

Add grated carrot, rind & juice to bowl of soaked fruits.  Add parisiene essence & dissolved bi card to butter mixture.

In a separate bowl, sift flour & all the spices together with a pinch of salt.  Add the fresh breadcrumbs.

Combine dry ingredients, the butter mix & fruit mix all together in large mixing bowl & combine well.

Place into a large, buttered & floured calico pudding cloth & tie up, ready to steam. Before & after submersing pud in pan, I place it in a pudding shaped bowl to make good rounded pudding shape form. Steam in boiling water (top up as necessary) for 3 hours at first, and then again for 2hours on XMAS Day. Serve with brandy custard or best quality ice-cream.

Seasonal Jotting

You know THOSE aromas. The precious ones in your kitchen you create but once every year. The baking smells that bring on a flood of memories & make you go weak in the knees.  This happens to me every year at Pud time - when folding the spiced dry ingredients into the rum soaked, fruity buttery ones.

This is my Mum's recipe above and has been enjoyed in our house for over 40 years.  I can honestly say she's never made a dud. This is a butter pud, meaning that it doesn't use suet, the beef fat many cooks like in their traditional XMAS pud.  

Some would say steamed puddings are best served in cold weather. In the mother country.  But that has never stoppped us Aussies from steaming moist puds in the 33C heat for XMAS lunch. After all, XMAS tradition rules - regardless of the weather conditions or whose table you're sitting at. This year I'll be at the in-laws out west, with B.Y.O Pud for everyone.  A bought supermarket jobbie would really do me in.  Actually I've made three plump beauties this season, just to be sure all manner of directions & relatives are covered. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.